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Breach - let me in!


If you encounter a barricade in the game, you can attempt to clear it away using the breach command. The difficulty of this and the time it will take to remove barricades is dependent on the quality and level of the barricading.

You can attempt to breach a barricade with your bare hands, or with an item you have in your inventory. Some items are especially suited to breaching, such as crowbars and fire axes.


10 seconds

Syntax Forms

bre_ach <exit> [barricade] 

Attempt to breach the barricade across the specified exit.

bre_ach <exit> [barricade] with <item> 

Use the specified item in your attempt to breach the barricade across the specified exit.


Example one

> breach south barricade with fire axe You breach the south exit with the fire axe. > You manage to make some progress with the barricades around the south door. > say HERE'S DRAAAAAAKOS! You exclaim: HERE'S DRAAAAAAKOS!

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