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Harassment - Don't Do It


Harassment in any way, shape or form is not permitted on Epitaph, on any grounds. Harassment, by its very nature, is difficult to define objectively, but for the purposes of this document we'll describe it as 'any behaviour intended to upset or disturb'.


Different people take offence at different things, and that's something we can't really accommodate. As such, if you find that a particular conversation is causing you offence, the first and simplest route to take is to remove yourself from the conversation by changing radio channels, extricating yourself from a tell conversation, or simply logging off for a bit. For most cases, this is the easiest and most constructive way to deal with offence.


Where it becomes a creator issue is when you have no recourse yourself to remove yourself from a situation, or when the conversation strays into genuinely unacceptable territory - if it starts to encourage illegal activity or devolves into racial slangs, then the conversation becomes a matter of harassment. We can and will shut down any incidence of this using any of the substantial means at our disposal.

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